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Employee Benefits Statement

In addition to providing your employees with a paycheck, you provide them with a comprehensive benefit package - sometimes referred to as the "hidden paycheck."   Do your employees really know how much it costs to provide them with health benefits, worker’s compensation coverage, retirement plan, sick leave, FICA, etc? All of these represent a substantial investment on your part. Many employees have no idea how much it costs their employer to provide all of these benefits.

Our benefit communication process will bring to your employees' attention what you provide to them beyond their paychecks. We will educate them about this "hidden paycheck" and the costs associated with providing it. Each employee walks away with a personalized hardcopy of their benefits statement.


View a sample employee benefit statements.
(PDF Format, 137k)

Client Testimonials

Your active participation in our annual Benefits Fair has certainly impacted the favorable enrollment in the supplemental life, pre-paid legal service, cancer insurance and critical care plans. The enrollers have all been very customer-focused and informative in their process to educate our employees about how the supplemental plans may be of benefit to them.

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