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Frequently Asked Questions

How can NBGA help my employees better understand our benefits?
NBGA's professionally trained and non-commissioned benefits counselors can help your employees in several ways:

  • Personal and private counseling enrollment meeting
  • Communication of existing benefits for employees
  • Help elect new benefits
  • Educating employees about benefit options resulting in more accurate benefit selections

How can NBGA help employers?
NBGA can help in the following ways:

  • Communicate existing and new benefits to employees
  • Provide updated demographic data about employees
  • Provides additional resources for your Human Resources Department through our Benefit Counselor Team
  • Submit electronic data to employer and insurance carriers
  • Reduce paper application process through our electronic enrollment option
  • Help your employees understand the value of employer provided benefits utilizing the "hidden paycheck" concept
  • Increase employee participation in FSA and voluntary retirement plans

Why are employers moving to electronic enrollment?
There are many reasons:

  • Ease of administration
  • Greater accuracy on all benefit elections
  • Confirmed and updated demographic information on employees and dependents
  • HIPAA privacy issues
  • Less paper follow-ups
  • Better understanding of benefits through personal counseling
  • Ease of data transfer to carriers and employer
  • High employee satisfaction through “personal touch” enrollment
  • Significantly reduces the amount of time Human Resources spends during the annual enrollment process
  • Immediate benefit confirmation of employees’ elections
  • Automated and customized management reports for all levels of benefits

What enrollment methods are available?
We specialize in 3 different enrollment methods:

  • Face-to-face: Our clients’ favorite method!  With a face-to-face enrollment  we meet eligible employees at the workplace during an individually scheduled appointment time to review and elect benefits
  • Telephonic: Similar to a face-to-face enrollment in setup and execution, telephonic enrollment is an option for an employer with a workforce spread across many locations
  • On-line: Commonly referred to as “employee self-service” enrollments, on-line enrollments are a perfect fit for highly-skilled and technologically proficient organizations

How much do your enrollment services cost?
There is no direct cost to you!  With the addition of worksite voluntary benefits to your benefits package NBGA can provide you with all of the advantages of our services at no charge.


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